Pellet Mill

Pellet Mill

A Pellet Millis used in a feed plant to produce pellets of defined size as required by the customer. Pelleting is obtained by pressing steam conditioned powered homogeneous mix between 2 – 10 mm die and Press Rollers. The Cremach Pellet Mill is vertical type with “V” belt drive arrangement.We manufacture pellet mill which are Senior to Jumbo with a capacity of 3 to 15 tons per hour.

A solid constructed welded steel frame for the Pellet Mill supports the machine on the plant structure. The Pelleting station comes along with a speed controlled feeder and steam conditioner along with a retentioner. The process requires injecting steam at a constant pressure and temperature to the powered homogeneous mix for the perfect feed. Cremach Conditioners allow material retention in the system providing the perfect temperature (60 – 80* C) for superior pellets. The entire machine is a Stainless Steel construction for a long lasting and efficient operation.

The machine comes with a servicing hoist mounted on the pellet mill to facilitate changing of dies and press rolls.A shear pin and limit switch devices, mounted on the main support shaft are provided to protect the mechanical press components, drive belts and main drive motor form overloading. Hand tools for maintenance, adjustable torque wrench and hydraulic press for removing shells from press rolls are supplied for ease of maintenance of the machine.

Features of Millennium Series Pellet Mill:

  • A complete auto operation Pellet Mill controls the Mash feed rate, Steam temperature and Molasses in case of Cattle feed reducing dependency on the operator.
  • Auto Operation Pelleting Station results in uniform product quality and near 100% machine operation efficiency.
  • Low vibration machine with shock absorbers to reduce transmission of vibration to the steel structure.
  • Heavy and robust central shaft assembly for a long life and low maintenance operation.
  • Quick release knife assemblies for regulating the pellets length with specially designed scrapers.
  • Large extrusion area for higher capacity.
  • Twin shaft paddle type conditioner along with adjustable paddles in conditioner.
  • Higher retention time in conditioner with uniform steam injection
  • All processes have been designed for maximum throughput capacity and minimized energy consumption