Cremach's Hammer Mills are renowned in the industry for their exceptional grinding capabilities and high efficiency. With 40 years of experience and continuous innovation, Cremach has developed a comprehensive range of Hammer Mills that are specifically designed for grinding coarse materials such as cereals (maize, soya, etc.) and oil meals used in feed mills.

The Hammer Mills FCS series from Cremach are known for their superior performance. These mills are capable of grinding granulates up to 20mm in diameter and depending on the screen size used, they can reduce particle size to approximately 500 microns. The solid all-welded construction of the FCS Series Hammer Mills ensures durability and longevity, making them ideal for demanding grinding applications.

  • Low Vibration

    Low Vibration

  • Easy to Maintain

    Easy to Maintain

  • High Performing

    High Performing


  • A near 360° screen for a large screen opening area, ensuring efficient grinding.
  • The door design of the Hammer Mill allows easy access to the screen frames, facilitating convenient part replacement without the need for tools.
  • The speed-controlled flow of materials and the protection magnet at the inlet of the feeding system prevent metal particles from entering the mill, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • A precisely balanced rotor with specially sealed bearing housings equipped with dust protection.
  • Hammer Mill is equipped with a grinding station coupled with a high-performing aspiration unit, which keeps the screen area clean, prevents choking and increases throughput.
  • The hardened beaters are designed to utilize all four edges, maximizing the utilization of machine parts, and extending their lifespan.
  • The optimal design and placement of the hammers, along with the optimum hammer bar velocity, ensure maximum material contact for efficient size reduction.
  • The mill and motor share a common frame, resulting in low vibration and a well-balanced machine.
  • The noise level on the Hammer Mill is less than 80dB, ensuring a comfortable working environment.
  • Beater rod adjustment to achieve complete life of beater along with capacity of the machine.