Cremach's Industrial Mixers, also known as Batch Mixers, achieve homogeneous blends of various raw materials, including dry solids like powdered cereals, fine powders, medicines, chemicals and oils. Equipped with spray pipes for direct liquid injection, primarily vegetable oils, these mixers operate efficiently even at 50% capacity. The dust-proof, single shaft design ensures cylindrical mixing, supported by two outboard Plummer blocks and heavy-duty ball bearings.

Mixers include twin helical spirals or paddles based on capacity and use and a pneumatically operated gate facilitates convenient emptying. Renowned for their leak-proof design, Cremach Mixers ensure reliable performance. Safety features like switches, limit switches, drive guard, air recycling channel, horizontal foot-mounted gearbox and electric motor, pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves are included.

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    Fast Mixing

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    Easy Part Replacement

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    Heavy Body


  • Exceptional mixing precision and efficiency, facilitated by twin discharge gates that expedite product discharge in less than 20 seconds.
  • The smart design of the wear parts significantly reduces maintenance costs, while the full-length pneumatically operated bottom slide gate enables easy and efficient discharge.
  • The mixers offer the flexibility to handle both medicine and oil mixing in the same unit. The paddle angle is adjustable and the wearable parts are easy to replace, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • With high mixing efficiency (CV < 5%), Cremach's Batch Mixers deliver consistent and reliable results.
  • Multiple spraying nozzles are incorporated for precise liquid addition, enabling the customization of blends. These mixers are designed for fast and efficient mixing, with a complete mix cycle taking less than 3 minutes.